How to Delete your Reddit Account

You have been an avid redditor for a long time, but for some reasons, you have decided that you will not longer really be spending that much time on the site. It could be too that you have been away from the site for way too long. You have since lost interest in the subreddits that you used to passionately follow before. You just do not feel like hanging out on the site anymore.

You want to make sure that you get your account removed from the site since you have no plans on really keeping all the details you have in there nor do you care of the karma points that you have gathered over time. Here are tips on how you can get the account removal done as efficiently as you can.

You will find that it is actually a very easy process for you to follow if you want to go through account deletion on Reddit. The processes involved are very straightforward so you do not have to worry that you might get confused or overwhelmed when doing so. Still, it helps a lot when you have a guide that you can refer to. This way, you are sure that you are indeed following the steps right.

Start by going to reddit and logging in to the store. You will be asked to enter your email address along with your password. The email address should be the one that you have used when signing up for your account. Once you are logged in, go straight to preferences. You will be able to locate it at the topmost corner along the right side of the page.

Once the tab is clicked, you will find a delete tab option. This is usually located along the header of the page, usually right next to the password/email tab. Clicking this option will allow you to get your account deleted and removed from the site.

Before you can leave though, there are three things that you will be required to do firs. For instance, you will be asked to indicate the reason for the removal of your account. Type in there the reasons why you feel the need to close the account. Once you are able to get this completed, you will be prompted to get your email and your password once again.

The page is going to ask for your confirmation that indeed, you are going to delete the account. This will also remind you that accounts that have been deleted from the site are no longer recoverable. Whatever information and details you have in there are going to be lost and there is no way for them to be restored once the account deletion has been successfully finalized. In short, there is no going back anymore once the deletion is completed.

If you are sure that this is indeed what you want and you no longer really want to keep the account, then you can proceed with the next steps. Click on the confirmation that you indeed understand what you are getting into. Once this is done, you have successfully confirmed the account deletion, to complete the process, just select the Close account option. Now, you are successfully deleted from Reddit.

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