How to Get Traffic from Reddit

Aside from being known as a very helpful community, Reddit is also one of the many platforms that can be sued when it comes to generating a lot of traffic towards your website. It can be used to give your website when it comes to giving it massive exposure as well as considerable numbers of followers.

Do understand that Reddit is a platform that is used for social sharing, for news, as well as for entertainment. It was founded in 2005, and the name came from the combination of read and edit hence, Reddit.

Rankings on the site are often determined by the combination of down and up votes. Every user in the site can either thumb up and thumbs down with every submitted content. This will result in the ranking of the content. Users are also allowed to comment on any content that is posted.

Reddit boasts total page views of 37 billion. It also has 400 million of unique visitors. The site has 4 billion votes and has 30 million posts. Also, it also boasts of 260 million comments. Considering the huge amount of traffic that the site enjoys, it is only right for businesses and websites to want to get a part of it.

While it is true that many people may end up getting excited over the prospect of being able to post content and post as many as possible just to generate the necessary votes. While new Redditors might think that this is a new idea, it is not. The last thing you want is to spam the site because that can be truly annoying and might get you banned.

Start by getting you know your audience. Remember that the site is made of other different category pages that are called subreddits and they can be anything and everything under the sun. Make sure that you will take the time to find the specific subreddit that you are interested in so you know which audience you would want to focus your content in.

Allow the audience to know you too. Talk to your audience and be active. Make sure that you comment on submissions as well as give some helpful advice to the people that you interact with. This will allow you to establish a good reputation on the site, so it is easier afterward for you to successfully get your stuff and content out there.

Time things right. You will certainly want to avoid those instances where your link just ended up getting lost in the section of the subreddit. According to the experts, the best time to post link and content would be before EST 5 pm. This is because this is the time when people will be actively browsing the site as well.

Once you have successfully submitted your link, you will also need to carefully monitor the comments for your submission. If there are questions by the redditors about your link, you will need to provide them with answers as well. You will find that the more comments a link is going to have, the higher is the tendency to get voted up and to get more credibility.

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