How to Use Reddit

If you have been using the internet all this time, then there is a very possibility that you may have heard of Reddit. Also referred to as the front page of the internet, this is certainly a good time for you to get to know the site and find out how you can actually use it. Here are some of the things that every beginner out there should know about Reddit and how it operates.

If you would want to become an active part of the community or be one of the Redditors, you need to be aware that the most important part of the site is sharing. There would be no way that reddit would have reached the heights of what it is now if its users do not share links and stories and information with each other.

One of the ways that you can get yourself be acquainted with how the site works is to just go ahead and throw yourself into the whole mix such as leaving comments, posting things that you think are interesting or even those that are cool or horrible or strange, and then you can go through with the upvote and the downvote which are also considered as Reddit’s way of implementing democracy in the site.

With the upvoting and the downvoting, it is pretty easy to understand. All you really need to do is get an item that has been posted voted up or down. It is pretty easy to understand, if there is an item that you like, you upvote it. If it has the opposite effect on you. Then, you down vote it.

You will want to know more of about the subreddits too. These are communities in the site that are specifically dedicated to specific topics. Some of these communities can be a bit broad and some can be quiet niche too. If there are topics that you are particularly interested in, then all you need to do is find these subreddits and join in. You will be surprised at the range of subreddits in the site that cater to anything and everything under the sun.

You will need to learn about the language that is used in Reddit too. It is pretty noticeable as well. Redditors are known for talking in abbreviations, lots and lots of them to be exact. For instance, know the OP means original poster. TIL refers to the phrase ‘Today I learned’. Then, there is AMA. It is considered to be arguably the most popular feature that the community offers. It means ‘ask me anything’ where well-known person can submit himself to tons and tons of questions from the inquisitive minds at reddit.

Also, after to have been around Reddit for a long time, you will notice some number along your profile. These two numbers are known as Karma. They are awarded to you for the posts and the comments that have been upvoted by other users of the site. While it is true that you will not get some extra swag when you get upvoted and you earn more karma, you do get to improve your overall standing as a redditor as a result.

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