How to Post on Reddit – Beginner’s Guide

Reddit is a huge social media site that features content that are created by the users. These contents often come in format of content submissions that are referred to as posts. Popular posts can easily garner views that can reach up to hundreds of thousands. If you have never tried posting ion the site before and are new to it, here are some helpful tips for you.

You are required to be a part of Reddit first before you will be allowed to post there. You have to register and to pick a username. Locate the register or login link on the site and pick register. Provide the necessary information and this should allow you to create an account on the site afterward.

Before you want to start posting, you have to see to it first that you check if the content that you want to get posted has already been posted on the site before. Remember that the site has millions of readers that check the site on a daily basis. So, there is always a very good chance that the article that you want to post has actually been posted by somebody else before. There is a search function that will help you locate if the article has been previously posted or not. Submitting a link that has already been posted and has active comments on it will only cause the link that you will post to be deleted.

When you want to start a new post, you will need to start by clicking the button which says submit either a new link or new text post. Choose the option about submitting a new link if you are posting a link to a picture, an article or a video which you want to share. If what you want to do is make a statement or raise a question, the link for you to submit a text post is what you should select.

In the event that you want to share pictures, using a site that hosts images such as Imgur would be the most ideal option. This is to ensure that the pictures are going to be available even when thousands and thousands of people are to go ahead and view the link.

You will also need to fill in the necessary information. There are labeled fields where you can add these details to. For text posts, you can get the title field filled and then get the rest of the main text blank. You can even click the button for suggest title so an automatic title will be generated for the article that you are posting.

Choose a subreddit too. You will find that the store is divided into several sections that are often representatives of various interests and topics. Posts have to be submitted to specific subreddits. This is why you need to consider the specific area of interest for what you are posting to get it posted under the proper subreddit. Also, it is important to have posts get submitted to the right subreddits so they will not get deleted.

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