The Top 10 Mistakes New Redditors Make

If you are new to Reddit, chances are, like any of the seasoned ones around, you may blunder along the way. You are new to the site, and you are still trying to work your way through things. To save you from all the trouble, though, we list down our top tend picks of the mistakes that people who are new to Reddit make.

Not listening to Snoo

Snoo is Reddit’s mascot. This is that little alien guy you see all over the web. You would certainly want to impress him by making sure that you read the rules, the etiquette, as well as the about page.

Thinking it is the same as Facebook or Twitter or any comment section to any blog

It is not. Communicating on this site is just different when compared to another network. For instance, your identity remains anonymous. People can upvote your comment, and the submission of content should abide by Reddit rules. It also encourages creative and critical thinking to comment you want to submit.

Do not accept anonymity

Unlike the social media world where you are there for the world to see, your identify at Reddit is anonymous. This also means that if they have something to say, people are not going to hold back.

Do not digest disclosure

There are some situations when revealing your role, and not necessarily your identity may please the other Redditors. Of it does, then it may be a smart move.

Not testing or breaking things and not making mistakes

You will find what suits the Reddit community and what does not by submitting content and then learning from there. You’ll be surprised at how much you will learn along the way.

Not knowing who the redditor is

Always know the demographics of you regular Redditor and not just lump them to the twenty something male with a bachelor’s degree, is a lib and has a low to the average salary. You will be surprised at how diverse the community is.

Not unsubscribing from the default subs

Many people make this mistake. These are default subs and may not interest you. So, unsubscribe from them and customize yours.

Get too invested in your opinion

Almost always, new redditors will have an opinion and get too invested with it that they start getting into arguments with others. Truly not worth your time.

Taking things too personally

People need to remember that this is a site where members enjoy the blanket of anonymity, so, it is always expected that they are going to be more outspoken than they would be in real life since there is that cloak of anonymity to protect them. The key is to not take things too personally.

Picking the wrong username

Remember, your username is your username. There is no changing that. This is why if you do not want to have to bear the burden of a username that you dislike for the entirely of your stay on reddit, then, choose a good one. You can always delete your previous user ID and change to a better name though, but that means losing all the karmas as well.

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